Monday, July 21, 2008

Beat Postcard #16: Corso's Sour Grapes

Gregory Corso, Paris, France 1957
Eating grapes in his attic room at the Beat Hotel

"Should I get married?
Should I be good?"

One can easily see these words on the tip of Corso's
tongue,by the way he looks wistfully up and to the left.
At this moment he is considering his place in the world and,
more importantly,
in the Beat Universe.

"Astound Lanky Jane
with velvet suit and Faustus bane?"

This part has yet to occur to him,
as one can see by his eating of grapes
(an obvious metaphor for his pre-Goethe
decision to make deals he has no intention of keeping. )

At funerals and tributes,
why did he not pay attention?

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