Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's because our lives are not dramatic enough,
I suppose,

until the mannequins you love do not stare back
and t
he world is an equation you're just too stupid to understand.

Not the world but the continent we ignore
our chosen plot of better or worse,
old age pondering of paths not taken
like a lame consolation prize.

They say it all happens so fast
but only when you start noticing,
wrinkles and pain and things that leave you,
I should not be telling you this
so you can enjoy another day of blindness.

It'd be childish to think you don't know this, of course,
but f
act is there are skies that take you
for granted. Their
colors beg questions
you never make time to answer.

Aromas can put you a good 10 years back
to broad-backed pieces of luck with
fake tans that helped you join the ranks.

I love you
one of the best sounds
you'll ever hear,
sounds a lot like the birth of your first as he
fights his way into the world

It's because our lives are too dramatic

to waste time with repeated dress rehearsals,
especially plays that aren't meant for you.

Don't blow it by ignoring

the scenes around you -
tiny, meaningless things.

That's the one you get for free.

Find the things that teach you
what's nothing and everything

Keep them before you
til the credits roll.

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squakk said...

thanks for sharing. =)