Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Light Makes Shadow

And I've seen talks of faith turn up
noses in the face of
abandon they don't understand

Hazel Motes
the man in the body
of the world

Feet full of stones
the harder path that knows nothing
of miracles conjured for the hope at home
of a laying of hands on your hard-earned
the harder path that brings heaven down
to hold its own in the alleys paved
by what it was all sacrificed for
a thousand psalms ago when sand
was biblical and things that burn
were meant to burn when piety
was a harsh librarian who
had read all the pages
and could tell you how some were better
than others and how you could recombine
them depending on why you believed the sun
rose each and every
But in it all lies
the lie the truth
not marketed in the product
of ink
in the pulce before the tequila

You know what comes next
the idea before the reasons
to cast it in stone, in tablets
we carry and quote and that which
does not reside in the stone shall
not be embraced and if you reject
there will be no cookies or juice
or salvation after the keynote
speaker for you or your guests

I've seen the idea
living under the Hennepin Street
Bridge but he stinks and swears
and his grammar ain't so good
and well the last thing he thought
you'd do is sit and talk a while and
record everything he spit and say
goodbye and head straight for the
press to give birth to a bestseller
based on the words of a man mad
enough to believe in the peace and
clarity and absence of hate that
might make a place you won't want to leave
for Portland.